A Quick Book Update


Missed me, like I have you? No pressure though. Let’s just say we’ve been on each other’s minds and absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes?

Man, it’s been some journey just throwing myself into the life of this book. It’s led to epiphanies, realizations and me seeing God in such a fresh way as I work on each chapter. I’m not as far as I’d like to be, but I’ve made great progress. The pieces and the story God is weaving in me and in the book is evident.

I see it for what He said it would be many years ago – powerful. It’s changing me. I’m changing, and I love it.

I always laugh and tell my hubby that Sundays during worship are my book epiphany moments. It’s when I saw an image of the book cover and ran right on home to design it. It’s when I got a piece of revelation that I felt was crucial for me in my season that made its appearance as a line in the book but it’s also the journey God is currently taking me through. It’s when I hear God so loudly about me and what He’s building in me. It’s when I get strong words (prophecy) carrying the fresh seeds of my new season. It’s God teaching me to come to His house expectant and hungry and Him always filling me to overflowing.

He’s making me a mountain. It’s a rebirth. A chance to live out my story a second time. And it’s beautiful. Every part of it.

I’ve been reading Sara Hagerty’s Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet book as I write my own. I also recently bought a hard copy of her Unseen book (though I also have it on Kindle) and I’m moved by stories of living in the thin and hard places we find ourselves in.

Mine is such a book. It’s not too far an offering from what I share here. I’m still straight shooting. Still unashamedly sharing my failings and fears, lessons, hopes and new realizations. The book is a quilt. A weaving of my life and the stories that God is retelling of it.

Oh, I can’t wait for you to read it! Everyday I write, I encourage myself with the saccharine image dancing in my mind’s eye of me tracing the title of the actual book with my fingers. I’m writing to get there. But I’m healing and growing and I’m marveling at this story that’s unraveling in me.

Like I said, can’t wait for you to read it or to share the book cover and snippets here. All in due time.

Just thought to let you know that I’m well. Better than well. Zen even.

See you next update, yes?

xo darling,

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