Hi there!

You showed up! You could have been anywhere else on the internet but you decided to pass by here perhaps to stalk me (shucks! Wait! I take that back if you’re a masked murderer. Joking… *awkward laugh*) Perhaps you’re here to find out more about this chic who says sugar in every second sentence or maybe you saw one of my posts floating somewhere on your socials. Whatever reason our paths crossed, I’m so happy you could be here.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Koki Oyuke and I like to think of myself as a friend who has a weird obsession of blowing confetti on the internet and spreading good vibes. How do I do that, you ask? By spinning galaxies through writing and talking (Lord have mercy on my hubby. Lol).

There’s a lot for you here. I do vulnerable, deep and raw most days so Kleenex and/or coffee is always a great companion. And on the light days, especially when I’m making funnies on Youtube, we can laugh in our jammies about life, love and the world really.

Oh yeah. About that…

Back when I started this website in 2015, I didn’t have a tagline that felt much like myself. In the years since, I’ve grown deeper in love (my husby and I are turning 4. Woohoo!), I laugh more (My Youtube channel is pure evidence of this) and I’m living more, however that looks like in this wild hollow called life.

Let’s learn to love, laugh and live. That’s what’s on offer here. Plus some candid conversations on what I’m learning in every season of life.

PS: I shared candidly about what I learned, my struggles and complexities of grief and miscarriage on the blog. You can start here then work your way back. I wrote this because God told me to write like my life depended on it. Looking back at this and my book, I can see what He meant. I hope it heals the tangled parts in you. I hope it offers answers. I hope it helps.

Will you be so kind and stick around?

This space wouldn’t be much of a home without you here.

And yes. There’s a section of the sofa (you can put your feet up and what not) and a corner in the fridge with your name on it. My yoghurt and steak is off limits though but other than that, go wild.

Karibu sana.