Another Book Update

Hey y’all!

How are you? Man! It’s been a long journey but we’re here. If you’ve stuck around a while, you realized the pop up turned from 2 chapters to go, to 1 chapter to go and now we’re saying we’re editing it. But we’re done! Doooooooone! Well, mostly. Editing from end last year was mostly correcting any grammatical errors and me designing it (so correcting basic format and display issues) but honey, it’s done! It is! Glory!

Now to get it printed. I’m looking to do it differently so I’m currently making plans regarding the same. Can’t wait for the title to be up on Amazon and the rest y’all 🙂 Cannot wait.

I know I’ll be able to get advance copies long before the bulk printing gets done, which I find so exciting. I plan to personalize mine and a few others so I’m working on a list of people who’d find the book helpful and hopefully also talk about it. Open to recommendations by the way.

But I’m happy. So very happy. Ecstatic.

Oh the launch ideas swirling in my mind! Godspeed I guess.


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