Chosen Not Cheated

Chosen Not Cheated

We all get a piece of the sky to colour

But what do you do when everyone else's life but yours seems to be on course? What do you do when you know that you were born for greatness, but you've spent years living in the prequel version of the dreams pulsing in your heart? What do you do when you feel unseen?

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About the Book

Every heart longs for meaning. We all want to know that our being here, that our lives, small as they seem at the moment, bear deep significance. But we live in a fallen world, one that shines a light on the popular and successful. So our hearts thin a little each day as the sting of rejection burrows deep into our homes, schools and workplaces. And our lives go unnoticed. We wonder, “Is this it? Is there more to my life? Is God even here with me or will I only find Him at the peak of the mountain called success?”

Chosen Not Cheated seeks to answer these questions and more. It’s a book for those of us who’ve lived most of our lives feeling ripped off; an offering for those of us who feel cheated, unseen and behind in life while everyone else’s seems to be on course.

Through a mix of wit, candour and biblical story, Koki invites us to look back at our lives to see all the ways we have been chosen by God especially when we feel cheated. We tend to think chosen means easy, and big, and great, and definitely without challenges, but that’s the lie that sinks our dreams. We will seldom leave this life without a few bruises or the stink of death. But right there, in the mess, is where we find the sparks of chosen, the everyday holy, the God with us through it all.

This is a story about becoming in the in-between, thin and hard places we find ourselves in life. It’s about scars—yours and mine—and the journeys that led to them. It’s about discovering the stars that have been lighting our paths all along. Because we’re chosen, not cheated.

Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Koki Oyuke
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 9966130004
ISBN: 9789966130006
"Chosen Not Cheated is relatable. It's so raw. You'll find something that speaks to you, not just even as a woman, but also as a man."
"When I opened the book I felt like Koki was talking to me and my needs at this point. Chosen Not Cheated meets a need you didn't even know you had. That's why you should buy the book."
"First of all, can I say, that I loved that when you make references to places you'd go like Java, Junction, I was like for the first time, I know what you're talking about. I love that it was relatable. It's a great read. You've got to get it."
"I just love the rawness of #Chosen Not Cheated. It’s unlike any other book I have read because you weave so many stories together. It’s so beautiful. I love that it offers a lot of hope that God knows what He is doing. We need to trust Him and go along with Him. I pray more people get to read your book and fall in love with the beautiful stories God is writing about their lives because chosen looks different for everyone. It’s such an adventure with God."
– Anne Rasugu
"The thing I love the most about Chosen Not Cheated is sharing it 😁 The realness. It really is a book for the in-betweeners in life. Good content, good story telling, great layout and pretty cover... I love that it embraces realness and vulnerability without trying to be politically correct. That takes courage. It triggers honest conversation. PS: Already shared my copy 😁"
– Faith
"What I love the most about Chosen Not Cheated is the honesty, truth and that it's relatable. Another thing is, you don't tell people ‘this is what i did and it worked and so if you do it too you’ll also be good’. It doesn't tell people that your solution is the only solution therefore it's the best, WHICH I LOVE! IT directs people towards God, without forcing Him down peoples throats."
"First of all, chapter 6 - The Gift of Invisibility is my favourite chapter in the book. I love how the stories in Chosen Not Cheated are summarised into well articulated power points and quotes. It just makes the book whole. I also love that it has Kenyan examples - things that I can relate to. It's a home brand. Finally, I love that it does not shy away from talking about God yet it can be consumed by anyone who isn't necessarily a believer. Oh, and I like the font size and style. Makes the book easy to read 😊"
"My favourite chapter from the book is The Thing You’re Afraid of. Someone pass the tissue, please because I am about to cry a storm! I have been unable! I repeat! Unable to read this book like I always do... I’ve been stuck on a chapter for days just reading and re-reading. Oh gosh! My heart. The vulnerability, though raw, is heart clenching. Tears just filled my eyes reading this particular chapter because… story of my life. From the not hearing from God, wanting to hear from God, believing what He's saying about you (because it’s easier believing for other people) to walking in fear because life has just thrown so many curve balls that you’re left thinking, “You know what? It’s never that serious.” This chapter was a hug. An assurance that I’m not alone. A reminder that He means every word and a nudge to keep walking… ”Destiny is a map that lights up with every step you take." I love this quote from the book. Thank you Koki for writing your heart out, your words though ever beautiful, bring light, comfort and assurance. They teach, guide and encourage. They speak life through every single page."
"Oh Koki. Your book was an absolute page-turner for me! I read it straight for a few days. I couldn't wait for my morning and evening commute to and from work just so I could continue with the read. I completely related to the content and it totally encouraged me in the space I'm in life. You were so real every step of the way and I think it's one of the things that just spoke to my heart and mind. It was not another vanilla "pick me up" kind of book. As a woman, I have been touched. Your story is truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me and the world."
– Salome Yatich
"Chosen Not Cheated is an exceptional book that shows you how to have a life that's measured by meaning—in success, in failure, in the ordinary and in the everyday. Through a perfect mix of hilarious and vulnerable tales, Koki takes us on her own journey of discovering what it means to live like one who's chosen."
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