A Quick Book Update

Hi, Missed me, like I have you? No pressure though. Let’s just say we’ve been on each other’s minds and absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes? Man, it’s been some journey just throwing myself into the life of this book. It’s led to epiphanies, realizations and me seeing God in such a fresh way as I work on each chapter. I’m not as far as I’d like…


My Disappearing Act

You know how you hang out with friends and have a good time? You share a slice of pizza, taste each other’s fries and bite a piece of their burger. You talk about life, play a few games, share your hopes and dreams before calling it a good night and promising to doing it all over again. Then you hug long and say your goodbyes but for you,…

Creativity Guest Posts

My Canvas by Rob Omol

Song release typa pic by Ithan Hurd Rob, to me, is one of the most brilliant minds we have in faith and music. I know you guys can take my word for it but I’d love if you could sample for yourselves to get a feel of his art on behance and soundcloud. He’s grown as a musician, producer and worshiper and I always get challenged by his…