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My Canvas by Rob Omol

Song release typa pic by Ithan Hurd Rob, to me, is one of the most brilliant minds we have in faith and music. I know you guys can take my word for it but I’d love if you could sample for yourselves to get a feel of his art on behance and soundcloud. He’s grown as a musician, producer and worshiper and I always get challenged by his…

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Stubbornly Hopeful By Jimmy Curtis IV

Curtis has been one of Dave and I’s longest friend. In fact, how I remember it is that when Dave was ‘feeling me’ back in Uni, Curtis was the one who encouraged him to pursue me. Thanks bro! Haha! On the real though, Curtis is an artist in every sense of the word – skilled in cunning works and a master dad jokestar. Like, for real. The eye-rolls…

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Have We Met by Njeri Kinara

You have to understand that my girl is, quite literally, an earthbender. So she asked for nothing less than this breathtaking Mutua Matheka photograph of Lake Chala for her post placeholder Guys! My bestie’s here! All the screams and hops and fainting. Haha! I’ve known her for quite some time so I won’t even get into sharing personal stories here or a proper introduction because that would need…