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Make An Enemy Of Envy

“You must make an enemy of envy today. Today. By tonight, because it will eat you alive.” ― Jerry Saltz We’re about to get real here today, is that okay? Okay. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you worked so hard for it, prayed so long for it, tried and tried everything for it but you still ended up waiting for it? Then, have you seen (in…


Goodness of God

Just here thanking God for so much. So much. I’ve been hard at work on the book but this should be over soon. Will also be back to writing on here soon. A break was needed. But I wanted yáll to know that I’m good all things considered. His goodness is still chasing me down. Can’t outrun Him. xo,…


Begin Again With Me

“A lot can happen in a year. It turned out to be a year like no other for Sarah. Which is not surprising when you have a year bookended by visits from God. Do you realize this year could be the same for you? This year could begin in the shadows with a laugh and a lie and end with you embracing a promise. You may be thinking,…