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Begin Again With Me

“A lot can happen in a year. It turned out to be a year like no other for Sarah. Which is not surprising when you have a year bookended by visits from God. Do you realize this year could be the same for you? This year could begin in the shadows with a laugh and a lie and end with you embracing a promise. You may be thinking,…


A Christmas Story

There’s always a sliver of wonder that rides the wind and tingles spines at the tail end of the year. It carries with it a lightness, a sort of magic, an “anything-can-happen” atmosphere making this time the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas means a lot of things to people, and I suppose it changes over the years. For me, this year, it means loneliness and quiet…

Guest Posts Life

When Greatness Is Inside You by Sarah Muendo

Hi dears. Been off for a week or 2 from the website as my hubs and I were celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. It was restful until it wasn’t because I had to work for the last 2 days of our vacation but we made the best of it. That said, I’m so glad to introduce to you our guest writer today. I met Sarah in 2012 and…