A lot like Paradise

Your name is a promise. Like honey on my tongue, it sweetens my insides every time I speak it. When others get a bundle of purpose, you’d have been our slice of heaven; our slice of paradise. A living island, exotic and welcoming, and ours to call our own. You came with the promise of adventure and travel. We’d have been wonder-eyed at your gasps and how wow…

Guest Posts Marriage

Stubbornly Hopeful By Jimmy Curtis IV

Curtis has been one of Dave and I’s longest friend. In fact, how I remember it is that when Dave was ‘feeling me’ back in Uni, Curtis was the one who encouraged him to pursue me. Thanks bro! Haha! On the real though, Curtis is an artist in every sense of the word – skilled in cunning works and a master dad jokestar. Like, for real. The eye-rolls…