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The Truth About Pregnancy After Loss

📷: @wacuwamahiu 💄: @makeupbywamuyu “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of holding on and letting go.” ― Havelock Ellis There’s a sweet naivete that most girls have about pregnancy. Depending on the tint of the glasses of their world view, the thought tends to centre around how doing the do will automatically lead to a baby. You know, like how a tea bag and hot water always…


Our Testimony (part of it) Part 2

📷: @wacuwamahiu 💄: @makeupbywamuyu Catch up on part 1 here. You know, just because I’m on this side of things doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the other side of things. I see you. Mama in waiting. Years of marriage logged with empty arms. Days spent falling out of love with your body that’s not doing what seems natural for others. I see you. Throwing the negative pregnancy test into the bin for…


Our Testimony (part of it) Part 1

📷: @wacuwamahiu 💄🎨: @makeupbywamuyu (book ’em already guys! They’re THAT GOOD!) “Hope attracts what it anticipates.” – Pastor Bill Johnson  There’s always a moment of tilt in every situation. A moment when your eyes open long before the reality; and you see your spouse as the father of your babies. I remember that moment for me in 2018. I was scared to be a mother. Felt I needed more time.…