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Good Men: Conversations About Art, Faith And Manhood With Ezekiel Azonwu & Chris Webb by David Oyuke

I often hear that good men are hard to come by. As much as that may be true, I have experienced my fair share of interactions with impeccable men. Men who wear more hopes for the world they live in than they wear clothes. Some of these men have hard hands that have gripped the hands of others who are close to falling down the cliff of brokenness.

Some of these men on some days after giving hope to others look for a hand to pull them back up from their own cliffs but sometimes, no hand comes. They hang on in hopes that someone can see them.

But the thing with men deemed strong is that sometimes they can break open everybody’s cage but their own. Click To Tweet

The truth is, we need each other. Strong men are strong enough to lean on others and ask for help and only strong men can see the strength in that and give it.

All men who walk this earth have stories that no books can adequately fill but some of these stories are only found in the mind of the bearers. And we have not only buried some men on their last days, but we have buried men who would still be here if they either spoke of their stories or if they spoke – if others listened not just to their words but to the cries they felt ashamed to let out.

As creatives, our stories are part of us. We walk on paths that have endless stories, paths many have walked.

Our stories can heal if we share about our broken and made whole parts. Click To Tweet

If we fill the world with healing air, then others will breathe it in. We can however express and let out so much through our art but rarely take in the same gems. We can share so much with the world but end up more hollow if we do not receive as well.

We need to have moments when we open ourselves to receive love from other men. To know that we matter from voices like our own.

How can we live with the boldness to bring change in this world when by ourselves? At the end of the day, victory is not victory if one man is the only one on a life boat as others drown in the seas of the frustrations of life. As men, we need to get talking and praying and laughing and creating and living – no matter how diverse that may look.

Manhood is being redefined everyday but the things that must not be redefined are our love, courage and desire to protect each other and others from the evils of this world. Click To Tweet

And after we have fought off these evils, how beautiful would it be to turn and see our fellow brothers who fought for each other standing tall in the battles of this life.

In this conversation with two amazing poets, we talk about why they do what they do, stereotypes about manhood, whether there’s something like authentic manhood and how creative men who are bleeding inside can get healing. In this conversation, a little bit of what’s inside of us gets healed as well.

For those who are stuck on the cliffs of life, hold on. We are coming. And we are not coming alone.


David Oyuke aka BlackSkillz is a poet, Hip Hop artist and radio host who is falling back in love with himself, life and his craft. After taking quite a long break from active poetry and music, he broke his silence in 2018 with the release of his debut poetry anthology “Flowers in a broken vase” a book on healing, self love, and seeing the things that truly matter in the world around and within. It retails for 650/- and can be bought at Bookstop Yaya.

You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or read his other post here.


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