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Have We Met by Njeri Kinara

You have to understand that my girl is, quite literally, an earthbender. So she asked for nothing less than this breathtaking Mutua Matheka photograph of Lake Chala for her post placeholder

Guys! My bestie’s here!

All the screams and hops and fainting. Haha!

I’ve known her for quite some time so I won’t even get into sharing personal stories here or a proper introduction because that would need book volumes. Our encounters are always so rich, and my heart is always so full at the thought of her and the marks she’s left on my heart. I shared a little about it here so that’ll have to do for now 🙂

It’s been an honour and privilege witnessing the hand of God upon her life, her growth, journey and becoming. Some days, those words Stevie Wonder spoke of Oprah ring true when I think of her.

“Your future is so bright, it burns my eyes.”

Lord knows it does!

Her post today is an eloquent, true to size recounting of our walk back into the arms of love.

My dear, sit. Enjoy!


Have we met?

I thought I saw you in the distance but I was uneasy. Uneasy because I was unsure of your love for me. I had been loved wrong before, many times before, and I had become used to the wrong kind of love. If anything, I had united my heart with that wrong for long. I dwelt in it.

Look at me explaining myself. I do this often when I don’t recognize that it’s not what happened in the past but an invitation to a new radiance. [Smile]

Often my thoughts would wonder of Your beauty. I heard about You. They said You were beautiful so, in my moments of wonder I tried to imagine Your beauty. Interestingly, my wonder often revolved around the healing You would bring.  About how the pain would melt and replace the numbness with wholeness. Oh, the joys the wonders brought. Funny, now that I think about it, I equated Your beauty to healing.

Your beauty was like healing because those who spoke of You, though once wounded, stood tall. Like trees planted by the riverside bearing fruit when all else seemed dry.

That’s what I longed for – to be a tree, tall and stout.

As I journey through the beauty of who You could be, I really asked myself, “Have we met?”

“Have we met?”

Nah. I don’t think so. How could I have missed the person whom I longed for? Wait. I know! I was drunk. Drunk in my pain. I couldn’t see you past the pain and even when the light tried to penetrate, I covered it with new pain. I had perfected the art of dwelling in my pain.

But you were bigger than my pain.

I say that because one of the planted trees by the riverside wrote:

“Healing takes more than time. It takes intentionality. It takes the humility and courage to call what hurts by its name and the resolve to do the work that freedom demands.”

Yes! We have met. You are familiar. I have seen You in my dreams and we are friends. Good friends. In my dreams, You are a friend I have known for aeons. A friend who has danced with me to the song of all songs, who has shielded me in storms and embraced me on a cold day.

You have spoken kind words to me, showing me who I was when I doubted. Youembraced me lovingly when I had forgotten the first words that began this journey.

I remember the song you played when it stopped being a dream. I finally accepted the invitation! I danced. I loved the song you played. I loved your embrace. It was pure, whole and the song was totally my jam. I was loved and accepted.

This is when I beheld you. The risen Christ.


is all I have to say.

I always look at life as a walk back to Christ. A home coming and deeper sense of belonging and Njeri put that into words so well.

Thank you love. Please visit us soon, okay?


Njeri is a lover of nature, seeker of flavourful food and digital communication strategist.

Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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