What’s In My Current Virtual Bookshelf?

Hey hey!

Me again.

It’s been a few days off social media and I can safely say that having deleted my Instagram and Facebook apps, my reflexive urge to scroll through them as I’m waiting for something to load or when simply bored has quieted.

I had read articles by authors such as Cal Newport who wrote ‘Deep Work’ on the same (watch his TED talk here) and Jaron Lanier (whose book “Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Right Now” I’m timing to get by the end of this month) some time back but hadn’t seen the point.

Here I am today, doing the absolute opposite for someone who wants to build a brand and hopefully sell a book by the end of the year. The irony.

I guess the case for this in part is the experiment to determine my quality of life without social media.

Over time, I have seen the quality of my creativity regress with social media. It takes my time, shows me much but without the true focus of learning.

Am I still checking stuff out on the internet? Yes. But I’m picky about what I choose. Picture learning without a classroom or quizzes.

That said, I’ve realized that I have a lot more time on my hands and as such, I’ve been getting lost in my passions and concentrations.

One of them is reading.

My reading hasn’t been at its peak this year in comparison to end last year (I read 5 books in a month) so I decided to get a bunch of new reads that piqued my interest.

Celebrity Memoirs

  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae

I’m a distant fan of Issa Rae. Haven’t watched any of her shows or movies (is she in movies?) But I’ve taken a keen interest on her career trajectory. Kind of a junkie for media chics kicking butt writing and producing their shows. Found out about her back in her Awkward Black Girl phase on Youtube before she moved it to a website for people to pay to watch but even then, it wasn’t for me.

Hoping the book will have some insight on her media journey. Only reason I got it.

  • Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Fine Living on Zuku channel 710 (I memorized it since day one) always has some pretty dope HGTV shows and that’s how I found Fixer Upper by Chip & Jo. They were a Christian, farm loving, house flippers with a certain sauce to them that was simple – family first.

I was hooked!

Chip is a major goof and since I pre-ordered their book The Magnolia Story and read it the day Kindle told me it landed in my inbox, I wasn’t going to hesitate getting this book.

I tend to reach out first for books by women mostly because I can glean a lot from their experiences but I made an exception for Chip because his bootstrapping ways are iconic and maybe there’d be more than laughs to the book.

Will review once i read it.

  • Unqualified by Anna Farris

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Anna, honestly. Though I like her on Mom. My favourite Mom episode (16 season 2) that I stumbled upon accidentally is when her mom has a dream where Jesus talks to her about her pain (from her husband’s death). Saw it in 2015 or early 2016.

Ah! I love it when TV shows have such God moments. So potent. Ministered to me.

I like celebrity memoirs in the same way some ladies like Francine Rivers. I glean so much about Hollywood and their media experiences.

I must admit though, that I got this book because it was penned during hers and Chris Pratt’s happier years. Reading their divorce announcement a few weeks ago was like reading vows. I don’t know why movie stars put up the whole “We’re super in love and stronger than ever” in those. You’re not and that’s why you’re splitting up. Is it just me? If you have a look at E! couple split section, you’ll have to double back to be sure you’re not reading wedding announcements. I’m serious!

Anyway, this one was to indulge my guilty pleasure and to hear her out. Might not finish it if it has expletives in every second sentence.


Now these books in particular called out to me as I was browsing, well, because – curiosity.

I love Christian books on the same but sometimes it’s sanitized. I said sometimes. So I know the good real and raw Christian ones but the books I mentioned below get made into films and adapted for screen and I like such. So to read them will be such a joy!

  • How To be Married by Jo Piazza

I got this one because of the slug. Year 1 was hard for her and you know I talked about this here for me a bit. You know, the struggle to figure out married life, the time it takes to fit together and the challenges in between. The hubs and I probably clashed the most then. Woosah! But when I look back, we’re richer now for it. Year 1 is so foundational and where you’re building on needs to be sound.

Would love to know the wisdom Jo learned and the challenges she went through. Hoping to have some laughs and nods. Tears will be welcome during the walk down memory lane.

  • The Art of Vanishing by Laura Smith

This one had my ears tingling. It follows the story of a woman her age back in 1930 who left a fraying marriage to travel and get this, Laura finds out about her story not too long before her wedding day.

It’s bound to be interesting.

I figure she stays married to her boo and lives untethered making the world their address.

Ah! The joys of being a hippie!

African Inspired Fiction & Young Adult

  • Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

I think this is one of the books I was keen on as the interviews were in my face for quite some time. It’s said to be the African answer to Harry Potter so I’m hoping to not be disappointed.

Super stoked that she’s pretty much the African Veronica Roth (author of the Divergent series) and her book is set to be adapted for film soon. Plus, it’s a series. Also, a bonus, they’re both millennials like me.

Abeg oh! Serendipity comes to the prepared! Super encouraged.

I loved that the book series would have never come to be had her brother not encouraged her to try and get it published.

Can’t wait to get into it.

  • There Is A Land by Ted Oswald

You know how you accidentally stumble upon a book? This was it for me. As I was looking for Children of Blood and Bone, this one popped right in front of me. The setting is Haiti and there’s mystery and trauma and heroism weaved into the story. Plus I think it’s about love perhaps? Not sure. All I know is that the synopsis was enough to sell me on it.


These sets of books I feel can be summed up into the inspiration category.

  • Permission To Screw Up by Kristen Hadid

If that title doesn’t make you reach out and read the blurb, not sure what will.

Kristen shares some of the mistakes and lessons from building her business ‘Student Maid’ (which is a brilliant duh concept).

Working with people can be hard but leading them is bound to be harder.

Looking forward to some laughs and jotting down some lessons.

  • The Supreme Gift by Henry Drummond adapted by Paulo Coelho

First of all, pretty much every thing Paulo Coelho touches is gold.

Oh to have your name become a currency in your field!

I didn’t get this because of Paulo though. I got it because it’s Drummond’s meditation of 1st Corinthians 13.

Even I would freely adapt it Paulo! Haha!

We all get challenged by 1st Corinthians and it will be refreshing to see it with renewed perspective from this book.

  • Flowers In A Broken Vase by David P. O Oyuke

Guys, guys!!!

The author is my husband. Haha!

Also, yes! Shameless plug but with reason.

Beyond the fact that this book was our labour of love (I designed, curated and sourced for everything), it’s truly spectacular.

This isn’t Koki the wife speaking. This is Koki the literary lover speaking.

I fell in love with Dave back in the day because of his expression, his love of art and poetry and his way with words! I can spin galaxies with my written word but Dave spins them with his spoken word. You should hear him perform any of the pieces! Ah! It’s delicious! (Here’s a sample)

First song I heard him perform had me thinking it was about me. (It wasn’t). That’s how potent it is.

And that’s the mastery and heart that Dave brings to the book.

It’s something for the dreamers.

As creatives, as human beings really, we can forget the intrinsically beautiful within us. This is harder for men who bottle up their emotions and struggles. This book was written with creatives and men at heart and it breathes on the dead places in our field of dreams.

If you know anyone that would love to dream again or believe again, then this would be the perfect book for them.

It’s only 550/- and it’s so worth it!

You can buy it at Bookstop Yaya or schedule a delivery with me. Just drop me a line here.

I guess that’s all for now.

Expect a detailed review of these and a few other books I’m currently reading as soon as I’m done with any of them.

In the mean time, let me know if you’ve read any of the books but no spoilers aki!


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