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Our Testimony (part of it) Part 1

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“Hope attracts what it anticipates.” – Pastor Bill Johnson 

There’s always a moment of tilt in every situation. A moment when your eyes open long before the reality; and you see your spouse as the father of your babies.

I remember that moment for me in 2018. I was scared to be a mother. Felt I needed more time. Like marriage, it felt like walking into another forever thing. The lastness of it felt overwhelming.

But those warm eyes and dimples I can’t help but dive into looked at me differently. His voice sounded different. He knew we were ready because we’d be open to learning.

And golly, did I believe.

Just like that, here we are. Okay. That might be an over stretch. The path to get here has ben long and winding but we’re here. Glory!

I have thoroughly enjoyed pregnancy. Thoroughly. And that’s it’s own testimony.

Because of my history (3 previous consecutive miscarriages in 8 months), my gynae labelled my pregnancy a high-risk pregnancy from the get-go.

But I knew/believed/was persuaded this would be different.

His medical goal was to get me to 28 weeks because babies can survive quite well with NICU support from then. I told him I’d pass it and we shook on it 😁 Me in confidence; him in quiet wariness.

But he’s a believer now 😌

I haven’t had a UTI (unlike previous times). Haven’t reacted to the meds I was put on to protect my pregnancy. In fact, 😁 loooooool, my experience with the meds I was given was more energy –  enough to engage in a high mild impact Shaun T work out that had Dave interceding for me 😁, not feeling pregnant, rather, feeling more like myself and a host of other counter results. Andu ma Duphastone na progesterone, mwì va? 😁 (RIP Kikamba)

Haven’t had nausea, headaches or vomited or excessive back pain, or any pregnancy-related sicknesses (praise God) so much that some days I’d forget I was pregnant were it not for my belly to remind me 😂

And I want to thank God for that.

It’s been enjoyable. It really has.

I’ll miss this gorgeous belly. I’ll miss this shape I’ve grown to become and dressing my frame. I’ll miss so much!

Back when God was healing my heart from the trenches of depression because of the miscarriages, my unspoken prayer always sprung up when I’d see friends’ and strangers’ preggo bellies. My gaping eyes said what my mouth found hard to. “Is this going to be me one day? Will I ever get there?” The question and contention hang over me as thick as a cloud. No matter how hard I tried to, I couldn’t stop myself from fixing my eyes on people’s preggo bellies. But it was prayer. And longing. And hope.

To be on this side of the story is for highest praises to God. He alone causes us to become.

And by God, for God and for His glory, you too will become ❤ I mean it.

As for this cool dude, he gets to be a dad. I can’t even! Couldn’t have picked a better dude on my own. Good looking out Jesus 😉 I really lucked out on this!


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