Outrageous Shoutrageous And The Things Our Men Say

Howdy hoo!

Hope your kicking the day’s butt. And since this is this week’s first post, what’s better than to laugh out your guts as you indulge in coffee and a pastry at work? Golly! That 30-40 minute tea break was a holy hour to me back in my 9-5.

We had the awesome Muchai’s over again.

PS: Mrs. Muchai is a bomb chef. Head on over to her site Bernice Delights. You’ll thank me for it.

A tidbit about this week’s video. Our men told us their dream team name, made it clear who celebrates Valentines Day and also helped us understand why the line of chivalry gets blurred when a guy asks you to order first. We also shared a few awws and walked back down memory lane in this love thing. It was a beaut!

Won’t you check it out?

Also, coz I know you’ve noticed. You know what I’m talking about. You’d see them from Mars for Christ’s sake! Forgive my perky sisters. It’s the dress aki! Well, and the extra pounds I added. Talked about it here.

Grace please. Show me grace. Also, I’m not growing a baby as some of you graciously asked on phone or text coz of the last video. At least I don’t think so.

*Rushes to buy cheap but good pregnancy test* Don’t judge me. It’s not yet end month.

The results say it’s the meat fiesta Dave and I have been indulging in. Like, instead of a plus sign, a rack of ribs kind of popped up on the test and I nodded. Guilty as charged.

Sorry guys!

Once you watch the video, let me know your favourite laugh out loud parts in the comments 🙂

Love you big.


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