Staying In Your Lane – A Superpower Story

The husby and I watched Avengers Infinity War about 2 weeks ago. Have you watched it? Whatever the case, no worries. No spoilers here but watching the movie landed a reality I’ve been musing on for years.

I don’t know about you, but I was the kid who’d wake up early on Saturday so I could watch all the superhero toons on KBC and KTN. KBC would show Saber Riders and Transformers, then I’d quickly tune in to KTN to watch Hawkman. It’s the only thing my brother and I could agree on watching so at least we’d push pause on fighting for the remote for a few hours.

In between, there was enough Batman and Superman to go around (Smallville just made the man of steel hit home in high school) so the superhero universe was always electric! I always ended up day dreaming about my powers and what I’d do so much that my brother and I would turn our Wimpy’s balloon stick into light sabers and fight “to the death.” Perhaps our creativity didn’t morph beyond reality then, otherwise I’d have called dibs on zapping lasers from my eyes, freeze powers or a monopoly on all the good ones.

I was looking back at all this while watching Avengers and remembered how my brother and I always called dibs on being a superhero believing that in any scenario, our choice was the most powerful one. If he’d pick Batman, I’d be Batgirl, because the playing field had to be even (I made him believe. Lol). Some days, I’d pick Poison Ivy, because damn! The allure of her villainy and the ability to take you out in one breath was intoxicating.

But that’s exactly the problem with humanity and superpowers (real ones like the US or the ones from Marvel/DC universe)

Everyone wants to be THE most powerful.

And it’s exhausting.

Post Infinity War, guys went on about how Scarlet Witch must be “The Most Powerful” because she can destroy the infinity stones. Oh yeah. Spoiler alert. In Justice League, Superman came back to life with a vengeance (and a tinge of evil/vengeance unbeknownst to us) and everyone agreed – “Superman is the absolute strongest of them all.”

I rolled my eyes at all these conversations because if any superhero comic book, movie or cartoon series has taught me anything, it’s this:

It's all a lie. There's no 'most powerful of them all.' There's my brand of powerful and yours. And both are needed. All of us are needed. Click To Tweet

How many times have any of the superheroes needed saving? No one goes at it alone and wins. That’s why there’s Justice League and Avengers and X-Men.

The most powerful of them all is all of us working together. Click To Tweet

This is true in comics and in life and that light bulb went crazy in the movie theatre. I’m not better than or less than you. Only difference is I have my brand of cool and superpower.

And can this be preached in churches, with Marvel or DC as reference? We break ranks and interfere only when we think of ourselves as better than or less than. And that’s when we all become vulnerable.

Tony Stark is (forgive me for putting it too simply) a man in a suit but beyond that, he is a man of vision and strategy. That’s why he leads the Avengers with 80% of the rest having superpowers without armour.

And I think that’s why every superhero and villain gets a movie or series or back story. In order to appreciate the part they play in the bigger story, get to know them on their turf.

One of my favourite scenes in any of the superhero movies (DC or Marvel) is when one of the superheroes does something awesome with their powers and gets a kudos from the rest. I haven’t been keen to mark moments but even in the latest Avengers, I can tell you of each superhero’s shinning moment.

Mark my words – each!

Now, this cured me of an ache inside. I always wanted a unique call and unique “powers” but it’s just like in the superhero movies.

No matter your brand of awesome or powers, our mission is the same - we're all here to save the world. Click To Tweet

Plain and simple. We’re in this together.

So a bunch of us will be called to women – young, old, broken, working, the ratchet (allow me to save this story for another day), women leaders etc, men (include list above), folks in business, families etc.

Our mission is the same and honestly, you can’t fit in my shoes just the same as I can’t fit your shoes. You need me just as much as I need you. True story.

Wasn’t that always supposed to heal the world of war and rivalry because it sure has calmed a storm in me.

To put it plainly, I had to fit in the story for me to live my story.

Enter Wonderwoman…

KBC and KTN didn’t do a great job of introducing this lady to me so I was a little too late to the party. All I had as a reference was lame jokes in comedies poking fun at her shield and lasso. But when watching Batman vs Superman in 2016, my heart was never the same.

Bruce’s obsession with her set the stage – enigma, intrigue compounded with perfectly timed music had my heart dancing. I saw Gal Gadot in that Diana Prince golden dress and my heart skipped a beat. I was captivated.

Fast forward to the Wonder Woman movie and understanding her story.

At the risk of sounding corny and like a super fangirl, I’ll just say it:

I’m Wonder Woman.

There. I said it.

So many parallels to draw from her story. I’ve always been inspired by women as Warrior Queens (which is slang for our church’s ladies fellowship) because it’s about leading mighty leaders, queens at that. Daunting task but I’ve got the grace (super powers) for it.

She doesn’t wear much but is under-dressed without her shield, Lasso of Truth and Bracelets of Submission. Sounds corny but super spiritual. In the case of the bracelets which can generate a forcefield or energy wave powerful enough to repel the most formidable foes or catastrophic attacks, I can sum it up with “You cannot master that which has mastered you.” Hence bracelets of submission. Get it?

As a doubt crusher (God calls me) I’d like to think that I wield the power of the lasso of truth (so potent and what sets you free).

Also, you remember when she discovered that the sword wasn’t the godkiller but that she was? Aaaah! Refer to doubt crusher reference. Wink wink.

How has this impacted me?

Well, I’m pleased with my estate (the boundaries of my super powers) and I’m happy to stay in my lane coz it’s where I’ll prosper.

A reminder…

Also, how easy is it to appreciate the power, influence and abilities of others if you KNOW, appreciate and are cultivating, nay, harnessing your own?

Yep. Staying in your lane won’t be a shady clap back someone will tell you but your proof of confidence, power and ability to thrive.

Because like I said:

The most powerful of them all is all of us working together. Click To Tweet

Remember that the next time you watch a superhero movie.

Also, what’s your superpower?


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