After Saying I Do


Of Honeymoons And Sliding Doors

Me whipping my hair back after saying I Do ready to kiss this gorgeous man I’m lucky to call husby 😉 Hey hey! I wrote this post back in 2015 and it’s a joy to relive it again. It came to mind during a conversation we had on our married couples WhatsApp group thanks to this Thriving Marriages post. It’s a goody! Especially for married folk. Enjoy them…


Outrageous Shoutrageous And The Things Our Men Say

Howdy hoo! Hope your kicking the day’s butt. And since this is this week’s first post, what’s better than to laugh out your guts as you indulge in coffee and a pastry at work? Golly! That 30-40 minute tea break was a holy hour to me back in my 9-5. We had the awesome Muchai’s over again. PS: Mrs. Muchai is a bomb chef. Head on over to…