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The Cost Of Friendship by Moe Karanja

Hi guys, Today’s guest post is from a wonderful guy I’m blessed to know. Moe is this cool headed guy with solutions at his fingertips but beyond that, he’s a ball of fun, always willing to help and someone you can count on. I guess most importantly, he’ll be the husby to my girl bae Cory, but you’ll get to see that plus a whole lot of goofs…

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The Things We Birth by David Oyuke

Today, I have the distinct pleasure of having my husby and dreamboat to share a piece with you all. I’ve loved him for 10 years (first few years we’re as a crush, then as someone I loved to hate coz he wasn’t loving me, then as my forever guy) He’s the kind of guy who wears his heart on his forehead, he’s honest and cares for people in…