Believe Again


Why I Wrote Chosen Not Cheated

As I sit on my bed and type this, I wonder why it took so long, five years to be exact, for this book to be in your hands. During that whole period, I’ve scribbled short ideas, jotted down quotes that I felt would be great for certain chapters, and I wrote a thick book outline. I even started working on another book, made it to the three…

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An Ask That Won’t Quit

Again can be such an exhausting word. Every time I think about it, memories of my dad teaching my brother and I how to swim come to mind. Take a deep breath. Let the air swell in your lungs, lunge forward and give it your best, he’d say. I’d nod, bring my hands together, body all gangly and shivering in the cold as I stood on the opposite…

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For these tears did He die

“And the cup He brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.” — Khalil Gibran In the waves again. Not as bad or as strong as before but still looking to find the shore. This song is air. It’s a raw telling and a gentle reminder – two things I love the most from…