Believe Again


Begin Again With Me

“A lot can happen in a year. It turned out to be a year like no other for Sarah. Which is not surprising when you have a year bookended by visits from God. Do you realize this year could be the same for you? This year could begin in the shadows with a laugh and a lie and end with you embracing a promise. You may be thinking,…


Held: How To Engage Differently With Your Griefs

“Everything begins and ends with something held.” – Didi Leavitt Our hands take. They hold. They give away. They’re open for a reason because it’s our prerogative to choose what, when, why and how to take, to hold and to give away. And when we can’t do the first part, we get to choose how to experience our experience of it all and how to engage with our…


A lot like Paradise

Your name is a promise. Like honey on my tongue, it sweetens my insides every time I speak it. When others get a bundle of purpose, you’d have been our slice of heaven; our slice of paradise. A living island, exotic and welcoming, and ours to call our own. You came with the promise of adventure and travel. We’d have been wonder-eyed at your gasps and how wow…