Books I’ve Read


The Negativity Fast Handbook by Geneva Musau & Battling FOMO

It’s a good time to be alive. In fact, it’s a great time to be alive! Technology has made life easier for us. Want a hot meal? Just power up the microwave and you’ll be chowing down in less than 2 minutes. Want to be in the know? Well, you can get the news at WhatsApp speed, Twitter (if it’s more your pace), or 411 texts just as…


What’s In My Current Virtual Bookshelf?

Hey hey! Me again. It’s been a few days off social media and I can safely say that having deleted my Instagram and Facebook apps, my reflexive urge to scroll through them as I’m waiting for something to load or when simply bored has quieted. I had read articles by authors such as Cal Newport who wrote ‘Deep Work’ on the same (watch his TED talk here) and…


Calling All Dreamers

Everybody’s chasing something. Money. Cars. Fame. Glory. You name it. Just look around. You don’t even have to look too far. People are “hustling”, pushing through a tedious 9-5 or grinding for that cash any way they know how. Call it what you may, but the everyone has an end game. But what happens when you realize that you don’t know what it is? What happens when you…