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A Quick Book Update

Hi, Missed me, like I have you? No pressure though. Let’s just say we’ve been on each other’s minds and absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes? Man, it’s been some journey just throwing myself into the life of this book. It’s led to epiphanies, realizations and me seeing God in such a fresh way as I work on each chapter. I’m not as far as I’d like…


My friendship journey & Lisa-Jo’s Never Unfriended Book Part 1

@laittara and I girling around pic by Ithan Hurd As women, our craving for connection is beyond intrinsic. We’ve been wired that way – to burrow deep and to desire belonging. Isn’t it a wonder why women tend to be each other’s worst enemies? How does it look like to have a community of women that support each other, love each other and celebrate each other? Now, this…


My friendship journey & Lisa-Jo’s Never Unfriended Book Part 2

So much to talk about with @laittara pic by Ithan Hurd Hey hey! Will quickly pick up where we left off. So let’s get into it, shall we? If you’d like to double back and catch up, here’s PART 1. Where to start when you realize you have friendship PTSD “I did a very simple exercise advised by my friend. I wrote myself two letters. First little Lisa-Jo…