Finding Love


The Truth About Happily Ever After

We all love weddings. It’s a bride’s red carpet day and the beginning of a long life together with the man of her dreams. That’s one hell of a big deal. So you celebrate the transition the only way you know how – by inviting family and friends to witness you exchange vows and seal your union with a kiss. After, you’ll dance until your knees get weak,…


Scars and Stories

Pensive pic by Ithan Hurd “When a man plays with your heart it is for one of two reasons: He knows he can or he is undecided.” ― Shannon L. Alder Some guys just want somewhere to stick it. But that somewhere has a heart and a face and is not a hole in the ground. TV may as well be the judge and jury of our love…


Let’s Talk About Sex

Lucky I’m In Love With My Best Friend Pic by the ever so talented Ithan Hurd “There’s a growing awareness that something beautiful between men and women is being lost in the rush to be sexual.” ― Paula Rinehart The first man I ever slept with got a speech and a half. I spent two hours explaining what sex meant to me and why it was big that…