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Finding Love


Surprised By Motherhood

“I want to say this body has been to war. But war seems too ugly a word. How do you describe something as primal as the dirt from which the flowers grow? There has also been a love that came so thick and fast that it has made everything new. It has rewritten a story. The story of you and I. Because my child, you are born of…


The Truth About Happily Ever After

We all love weddings. It’s a bride’s red carpet day and the beginning of a long life together with the man of her dreams. That’s one hell of a big deal. So you celebrate the transition the only way you know how – by inviting family and friends to witness you exchange vows and seal your union with a kiss. After, you’ll dance until your knees get weak,…


Scars and Stories

Pensive pic by Ithan Hurd β€œWhen a man plays with your heart it is for one of two reasons: He knows he can or he is undecided.” ― Shannon L. Alder Some guys just want somewhere to stick it. But that somewhere has a heart and a face and is not a hole in the ground. TV may as well be the judge and jury of our love…