Living Soul Bare In A Masked World

Hey hey! I’m fresh out of our annual church conference and I’m blessed so ever so deeply by the sharing of a prophet who was our guest speaker. His heart and vulnerability, how he allowed God to bruise him (though we don’t have a choice in the matter, lol. Okay God) reminded me of this 2016 post that I thought to re-share. The world carries vulnerability with the…

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Beyond The Hurt By Mercy Mandela

A good morning to you folks! Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Mercy Mandela who I talked about here briefly. She was the friend that urged me to be honest when talking about marriage to my soon-to-be married friends and it took a lot of guts! But she made it easier for me. We’d while away time eating french fries and laughing sharing about love, God and…


The Joys Of Smallness & A Man Called George

“What if instead of thinking we have to choose between our ordinary life and an extraordinary life, we began to realize they’re the same thing? When I want to climb the ladder, what if instead I tore the ladder apart and used the wood to build a bench?” ― Emily P. Freeman “It is ingrained in us that we have to do exceptional things for God – but…