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The Truth About Pregnancy After Loss

📷: @wacuwamahiu 💄: @makeupbywamuyu “All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of holding on and letting go.” ― Havelock Ellis There’s a sweet naivete that most girls have about pregnancy. Depending on the tint of the glasses of their world view, the thought tends to centre around how doing the do will automatically lead to a baby. You know, like how a tea bag and hot water always…


When You Need A Fresh Pair of Eyes

It’s been months since I came on here. I suppose I was trying to catch my breath. It was a lot. Talking about the book during interviews was wild — like white water rafting on the rapids. It was exhilarating… until I had to do it through my 3rd miscarriage. And that was rough. Mostly because I didn’t see it coming, again. I needed to take a step…

Miscarriage Support

An Ask That Won’t Quit

Again can be such an exhausting word. Every time I think about it, memories of my dad teaching my brother and I how to swim come to mind. Take a deep breath. Let the air swell in your lungs, lunge forward and give it your best, he’d say. I’d nod, bring my hands together, body all gangly and shivering in the cold as I stood on the opposite…