A lot like Paradise

Your name is a promise. Like honey on my tongue, it sweetens my insides every time I speak it. When others get a bundle of purpose, you’d have been our slice of heaven; our slice of paradise. A living island, exotic and welcoming, and ours to call our own. You came with the promise of adventure and travel. We’d have been wonder-eyed at your gasps and how wow…


Made to brave a wanting heart

There are times you know you should burst out crying. Times when you’re fighting tears as they stain the white of your eye because it’s not a good time. There are people here. It’s not dark yet. There’s always a reason to cover, but when tears don’t go out they dive in deep. And you can feel your heart getting heavy―insides too full tinged with pain that wants…


The Thing About Grief Part 2

“One thing I know, God’s story never ends with ashes. Nothing is for nothing.” ― Elisabeth Elliot Read up on part 1 here where I talked about my journey with grief and a list of don’ts that are helpful when handling someone that’s grieving. *** Okay, so now that you know what not to do, what do you do? DO: 1. Give them space It’s their experience and…