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Make An Enemy Of Envy

“You must make an enemy of envy today. Today. By tonight, because it will eat you alive.” ― Jerry Saltz We’re about to get real here today, is that okay? Okay. Have you ever wanted something so bad that you worked so hard for it, prayed so long for it, tried and tried everything for it but you still ended up waiting for it? Then, have you seen (in…


Why I Wrote Chosen Not Cheated

As I sit on my bed and type this, I wonder why it took so long, five years to be exact, for this book to be in your hands. During that whole period, I’ve scribbled short ideas, jotted down quotes that I felt would be great for certain chapters, and I wrote a thick book outline. I even started working on another book, made it to the three…


Dear Newlywed Who Feels Like She’s Failing

Hey yáll. I wrote this post so many years back and it was oxygen to me. I decided to reshare it in case it helps any newlyweds out there that are doing the thing without guests cheering them on since the wedding and honeymoon is over. I’ve got love for you, so I hope this post, all from my context, helps you. ❤ “More marriages might survive if…