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My Canvas by Rob Omol

Song release typa pic by Ithan Hurd Rob, to me, is one of the most brilliant minds we have in faith and music. I know you guys can take my word for it but I’d love if you could sample for yourselves to get a feel of his art on behance and soundcloud. He’s grown as a musician, producer and worshiper and I always get challenged by his…


Your Individual “Thisness” & Creating From This Centre

“I believe one of the central endeavours of the human experience is to consciously discover the intimacies of who we already are. As in: life is not about building an alternate name for ourselves; it’s about discovering the name we already have. And yet, how many of us feel we could put language around the parameters of our uncommon inner workings? If I asked you to, could you…


Bumping To The Poetic Strums Of Tom Misch

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” ― Aldous Huxley “Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!” ― J.K. Rowling I fall in love, head over heels, truly madly deeply savage garden style with music but it’s as rare as comets. I’m never one to seek it out. As a steady enneagram 4 romancer, I love…