My book


Another Book Update

Hey y’all! How are you? Man! It’s been a long journey but we’re here. If you’ve stuck around a while, you realized the pop up turned from 2 chapters to go, to 1 chapter to go and now we’re saying we’re editing it. But we’re done! Doooooooone! Well, mostly. Editing from end last year was mostly correcting any grammatical errors and me designing it (so correcting basic format…


Make Me Over Again

I’ve taken some time working on this post because it’s something that’s been lingering on my mind and in my heart for a long time. I finally began working on it last week but needed a fullness on it. Even now, I seek it as I type. Also, I know you noticed it when you peeked into my vault and I bet you can’t wait for the marriage…


Epiphanies In The Dark

Have I ever said how much I love to write on here? Because I do. I really do. In fact, writing has been to me what action is to thought. I reason best with fingers pushing keypads as I browse through the pages of my mind. I can’t help it. Where words fail me, writing flows best. I’m at the sort of halfway mark with the book. Could…