What I Know For Sure


Dear Newlywed Who Feels Like She’s Failing

Hey yáll. I wrote this post so many years back and it was oxygen to me. I decided to reshare it in case it helps any newlyweds out there that are doing the thing without guests cheering them on since the wedding and honeymoon is over. I’ve got love for you, so I hope this post, all from my context, helps you. ❤ “More marriages might survive if…


Worrying Is Not Preparation

We’re 3 weeks into the new year. Three weeks guys! These 3 weeks have felt like 3 days to me perhaps because of the events that unfolded. So much has been packed into them. In theme with practicing courage (coz vulnerability isn’t as scary) I’ll share quite a bit from here on out. Usually, this is the part where I cue you to pour yourself a cup of…


How To Grieve Or Lament Your Disappointments

I thought to share this sermon by Melisa Helser that was floating on my YouTube recommendations recently. I watched it sometime back, and I remember sobbing and processing what I was going through at the time. I can’t remember if it’s toward the end of last year or early this year, but I was in a funk and had given up on my dreams and business. I was…