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Notes To My Generation by Victor Ngocih

Guys, Ngocih made it here! Now, Ngocih is many things to many people (all good – a father, a poet, a rapper, a boyfriend…) Some call him an over-complementer. As one who’s pretty much the same, I say we need more encouragers in the kingdom so I appreciate that quality about him that he carries so genuinely. In the same way shrinks need other shrinks in their lives…


The Negativity Fast Handbook by Geneva Musau & Battling FOMO

It’s a good time to be alive. In fact, it’s a great time to be alive! Technology has made life easier for us. Want a hot meal? Just power up the microwave and you’ll be chowing down in less than 2 minutes. Want to be in the know? Well, you can get the news at WhatsApp speed, Twitter (if it’s more your pace), or 411 texts just as…


Bending Time & Free From Money Worry

β€œTime is a wave or a black hole could not bend it; humanity rides the crest of an infinite number of waves that are perceived as linear in their limited frame of reference.” ― Ken Poirot I’ve had the kind of week that I used to say “changes everything.” Something snapped inside of me and I was like, “okay, I choose optimism.” Optimism is powerful. So powerful, that…