The Soul Of Music

“Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”
― Alphonse de Lamartine

There are songs that bleed; songs that have a heartbeat and a pulse. They tag beyond heart strings down deep into the soul, moving you along like a hat in the wind wherever they blow. This music is ageless. Your children’s children’s children will sit on rocking chairs and stare at sunsets to their melody. This music is spirit. It’s not all airs and style yet sorely lacking in depth and substance. This is the kind of music the world today is too numbed by the ache of popularity and charts to listen to or create.

To dare to be different, to be hype deaf and to learn to listen at the wavelength of spirit is an act of rebellion it itself. You are a wonderful revolution – your ears, mouth and everything attached to you. Your stance on freedom and depth gives the rest permission to swim against the masses. Let that revolution in you that’s a river about to overflow from its banks turn ocean. Your ripples are good.

Remind the world to feel. Remind its peoples to be wholly, unreservedly themselves. It’s the only way to shine. We are, after all, stars. Not robots.

Also, if you can’t already tell, mighty proud of le hubby for releasing the video for his song. So good! Babe, keep creating your own current and ripples.


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