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When Greatness Is Inside You by Sarah Muendo

Hi dears.

Been off for a week or 2 from the website as my hubs and I were celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. It was restful until it wasn’t because I had to work for the last 2 days of our vacation but we made the best of it.

That said, I’m so glad to introduce to you our guest writer today. I met Sarah in 2012 and what I noticed about her at first is that she had the kind of magnetism that makes you want to be like her – confident and sure of herself. It’s like she had an invisible role model tattoo on her forehead and the rest of us couldn’t help but look up to her. Now that I understand her call more fully, I understand why that was and still is so.

She is graceful, long suffering and her heart has been stretched golden by sacrifices she’s made over the years.

This one’s a goodie guys.



Greatness. Everyone loves it. The thrill of being at the top, being a winner, being the first. I mean, who doesn’t love to win? In my schooling years I was privileged to go to school with extremely smart people. At the workplace, it’s the same thing. I am surrounded with deeply intellectual people. When I first got introduced to my current workplace, I remember getting a serious case of the Imposter Syndrome. You know that heart racing, dizzying mindset that screams, “Uh-oh. What if these people discover I’m a fraud?” Yet through the long days and palpitations, there was always still something pushing me, telling me that I am great and that I have a place at the table.

Come out of hiding

When you are in a place of deep consecration, it can be hard to come out of hiding and be the person that God calls you out to be. It’s easy to curl up in fear masquerading as comfort when all your thoughts scream, “I’m afraid ! You’re calling me out but I don’t know what is waiting ahead of me. What if I do not live up to everything You have put inside of me?”

This chink seems to linger around fear – fear of the unknown, fear of falling short or the fear of disappointing God.

I believe this is the part that God shakes His head and smiles at us. How easily we misunderstand Him and His thoughts of us.

It’s interesting, this place where the darkness is more comfortable than the light. But when you think of it, darkness is the only thing that can reveal light - Sarah Muendo Click To Tweet

The pitfalls

In obscurity, you can live your life with no questions asked. But there’s something about being in a place of notoriety. You can’t run away from the limelight. And what do you do about the criticism?

The thing no one tells us about greatness is that we are not wired to handle the greatness and the accolades, yet we crave it. We are willing to do anything for somebody to recognise our efforts. As someone whose primary Love Language is words of affirmation, this can be hard. But when I thought about it closely this is what I discovered. Why don’t celebrities relish the limelight? Why can’t they handle everyone screaming their name? Why are they so jealous about their privacy? Being in the limelight does something to you. It takes something from you when you touch glory that was never yours to keep.

On the flipside, there can be an angst within yourself when you know you’re called for something more, for something greater. The drawback? Stay in the dark and enjoy anonymity or be in the limelight and have your weaknesses put on display for anyone with a phone or flat screen.

Let me just be honest for a second. I’m not the neatest person. My husband can tell you that. Our his and hers wardrobes are just.. well… let’s just say that folding and hanging is not quite my strong suit. But I’m working on it. It can be embarrassing when you do not have the “traditional” things that others have or expect of you.

However, along the way, I am learning that weaknesses are still part of my greatness story. A greatness that should only end up with God Glorified. As my good friend Mary Kamau said, “I’m grateful to God for everything I am and everything I’m not.”

Most liberating statement ever!

You feel weak? Shine.

You feel great? Shine.

Either way, you shine. For His glory.

So that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, in which you shine like stars in the world.” Philippians 2:15 ESV


I’m an advocate by profession, a worshiper, but the role I cherish most is being wife to the ever amazing, meticulous and talented Richard Muendo. I love adventure and travel (you can call me a globe trotter and yes, ticket miles and vacation time with my hubby are my other love language). I’m passionate about seeing women restored back to their place in God and families made whole.

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    Sarah, I am touched!

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      Glad you loved Sarah’s post Luiza 🙂 ❤

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