The Thing About Being A Kid

Oh millennials! We have THE WORST reputation so far in history. We take too long to grow up yet we don’t want to be called kids. And don’t get us started on adulting *eye rolls*. Haha.

But we were at the impact of the digital age. We saw and visualized all that could be and we dreamt about riding that wave of change like pro surfers. Only problem is, unlike Nintendo and Gameboy, life changes cheat codes by the second. So we’re kinda stuck unless we figure stuff out with Kardashian precision.

The one thing I love about us millennials however, is our ability to keep hope alive even when our backs are against the wall. And we owe it all to our kiddie hearts and wide eyed ambition.

“What? A Grammy? I’ll have one of those when I grow up!”

“A Nobel prize? What’s it take to get one? Okay then. Sign me up!”

“I’ll create the cure for AIDS.” Real talk, I always thought the cure for AIDS was locked up in grasshopper DNA. Lol. I was obsessed with them.

May we never lose our wonder (but Lord, may it be realistic) Haha!

In the spirit of celebrating all things millennial through the ages, Dave and i started a YouTube segment called ‘Dumb Things We Did’. This one in particular is the pre-teen, pre-adolescent edition.

Spoiler: The foolery we got up to was about, (surprise, surprise) growing up!  Yep. You probably saw that coming. Haha.

So wherever you are, grab a cup of coffee and have a good laugh.

Oh, subscribe to our channel while you’re at it too and share some of the dumb things you got up to as a pre-teen. We’d love to hear from you coz, c’mon! You know we weren’t the only ones!

Meantime, here’s some confetti kisses coming your way. Hope they set you up for the week!


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